Cool & Swingin’ (CD copy)


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I grew up listening to these bag of tunes and now that I took the beat to hit them I feel sooo cool and I get a kick out of life agin. Not for me to be bored with your Netflix stuff, I’d rather rather stay out all night and sing and roll with the stars!

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Cool & Swingin’

This is my second album which includes some of my all-time favourite songs.

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The Songs

  1. They can’t take that away from me
  2. If I had you
  3. Saturday night is the longest night
  4. These foolish things
  5. You make me feel so young
  6. Blue moon
  7. High hopes
  8. Laura
  9. Too marvellous for words
  10. You go to my head
  11. Let’s face the music and dance
  12. Making whoopee
  13. From this moment on
  14. I’m beginning to see the light
  15. I’ve got the world on a string


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