Let's begin..

An endless passion for music, for voices,
for discovery, for people, for life.

Soon after leaving school in Dublin in the late 50s, I heard the laconic but heart-felt sound of Bing Crosby and it touched me deeply.  Together with my older brother, I began buying recordings and exploring the relaxed sounds of Nat King Cole and the jazz greats such a Ellington, Armstrong and Count Basie   These new sounds, electric and full of emotion, thrilled me.

But then I heard Frank Sinatra for the first time – and was utterly captivated. After all these years, for me, his talent for interpreting a song remains unsurpassed.  His early Capital years with his ballads and Cole Porter standards are possibly some of the most beautiful songs ever recorded.

These musicians and their songs have been life-long companions, long after I left Ireland and settled down in London.  Though my work never involved music, I was always up for singing at family gatherings for fun, as well around the house at the slightest opportunity.  When my daughter recently got married she asked me to sing at her wedding and in preparing two numbers for that, discovered how good it feels to re-interpret and share these most memorable songs.

Since making the first album, I’ve been asked to sing at local events and in various nursing homes and I am enjoying living out my passion for music. I hope you enjoy my second album as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together.

These are songs to remember, let’s keep the music alive.